Body positive writing workshop & open mic night

Body positive writing workshop & open mic night

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A creative, mindful writing workshop with various visual self-exploration exercises as an outlet for your relationship with your body and mind. From poetry to letters and more! Each workshop has been designed with body positivity in mind so this is a stigma free zone and is for 17+ due to safeguarding.  

There will be room for sharing after each exercise and performances from those who wish to write something or have something to share already that they'd like to perform at the event.

You'll need a pen, paper and if you want to take part in collage (cutting/sticking!)- some magazines, tissue, newspapers, scissors and glue! You will receive your Zoom link when you purchase the ticket.

Open Mic-LIMITED TICKETS TO PERFORM If you would like to read a poem, spoken word piece or blog post at the event (3-4 mins max) please choose a "Perform" ticket and email or DM @vavawomb_ on instagram  

Special guest performances will also be part of the event!

Our Host Hey! I'm Ellamae, founder of Va Va Womb - and I was born with MRKH (without a womb/never had a period/affects 1 in 5000). I found out I could never carry children at 16 years old. I'm a lover of words and creativity and have been writing poetry, journaling and channeling my pain into creative outlets since I was a young teenager, and still to this day.  I'm a sufferer of anxiety, and a thought (sometimes intrusive) juggler. Through writing/creating I have learned how to pause my ever so busy brain, connect with my body and more recently I've started to use this (albeit overdrive) energy to  design creative, visual workshops to help others do the same- my workshops aim to provide a safe space for people to connect and take some time reflecting on their body positive journey. So a big thank you for buying a ticket, and if you have any feedback please email


If you feel triggered emotionally after the event please do reach out to

If you cannot afford this event but want to come, please DM @vavawomb_ and we can sort it out for you :)

ONCE PURCHASED-Usually non refundable but if you can't make it and really need the money back, or want to come to the next available event please email 

This event is for all genders who are keen to explore body positivity through writing. 

When you purchase a ticket you will receive a downloadable PDF with more information including your  Zoom link to enter and more on what to expect! It'll be a friendly, relaxed environment. 

Swearing is allowed as are raw, open conversations so we will give a trigger warning now and we suggest seeking support if you feel like you need it after this event. You are not alone! 

We do not have any medical professionals hosting the event, purely creative minds. 

We will not accept hate speech, racism, bullying, homophobia, transphobia, or any disrespectful or hurtful language towards any of our attendees or in general- you will be immediately removed from the event.