The world of sex and gender really isn't as simple as we are taught in sex education. It's not just men = XY, women = XX. If you think that you need to read this. 

Not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women.

Intersex is a huge umbrella term that describes a whole range of "people with a variation of sexual development" or "differences in sex development" and this doesn't just mean chromosomes. This does not mean you are broken, or less of a person- and your identity as a human being as just as valid as anyone else.


Here's a great article and site for support:

Repeat after us... 

No penis, no less man.

No womb, no less woman.

A vagina does not define womanhood. 

Someone else' genitals are not your business.

Gender is not sex. 

Not all women have periods.

Not all people with periods are women. 

You not have to be a man or a woman, there are more genders and life is far more interesting and beautiful. 

Sex and gender are two completely separate things. Your sex is what you are assigned at birth, gender is your identity, and body parts or chromosomes do not define what gender you are in your heart and mind. For example someone may be born with XY chromones but identify as a woman, womxn or non binary.  One of our favorite resources for sex and gender is S3X With Demi.