A huge number (Estimated 1 in 7 couples) of people are affected by the devastating impact of fertility and on top of that there are thousands of people each year seeking alternative routes to start a family if they cannot conceive naturally or may need the help of a surrogate. 

Every one who wants to be a parent deserves the chance to start a family. With the increasing costs and unfairness in funding for IVF and other fertility treatments there is a huge financial burden looming over hopeful parents, on top of the emotional and often physical impact of not being able to start a family without help. 

Here at Va Va Womb, infertility is close to our hearts as Ellamae was born without a womb so has known from 16 years old that her journey to Motherhood will be different to the norm. 

The leading U.K. Charity that supports those going through Infertility is The Fertility Network U.K

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For  events hosted by Va Va Womb visit our events page where we will host mindful creative writing, journaling & open mic nights for those going through infertility. 

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