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Named "the best ad break ever" here's some of our favourite body positive artists that we put together for The Vagina Festival. 

Have you made any vulva art? Maybe you've written a body positive poem? Or maybe you make boob earrings? Whatever it is, we'd love to share your work!

  • Contact us to find out how to show your creative creation in our gallery for all our viewers to admire and be inspired by. It can be a painting, voice recording, words, poem, magazine, image or video and we can link it to your platform! 
  • Contact us to sell your creative bits and bobs in our market- as long as you make things that make people feel good, shake stigma, or promote self-love- we will be happy to share it here! And if you do have any discount codes for our customers, that would be wonderful!

Va Va Womb is a big lover of creativity - we hold regular creative festivals for the MRKH Community, and co-host the Vulva Festival poetry night and vulva origami with Femigami. 

We will be hosting regular creative writing and poetry nights - check out our events here. If you have your own creative event you'd like us to promote please submit a form on our resources page

We'll kick it off with a wonderful piece of art we had commissioned by the amazing artist Ellamae Statham which will be on sale soon. You can also check out more of Ellamae Statham's uplifting artwork via Ellamae Statham

 All our event creations that are sent to us will be posted here too!