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Va Va Womb was founded by infertility advocate, lover of creativity, anti-shaming enthusiast and promoter of body and sex exploration, Ellamae Fullalove, who was born without a womb. 

Art by @girlstalkaboutsex

We are a community here to honour body honest vibes and promote more self forgiveness. 

We want to educate, empower and shake up stigma through our digital content and behind the scenes give people a safe space to self explore with our exclusive membership.

You are never alone in your experiences, using your voice is a powerful tool and your story matters. 

We want to use our platform, stories, events and store to reach as many people as possible who are stuck between the four walls of shame, guilt, pressure and stigma, all built by society.

Let's talk about our bodies. Let's talk about sex. Let's talk about vaginas. Let's talk about pleasure (most importantly, self pleasure!). Let's talk about infertility. Let's talk about periods. Let's talk about our health. Let's talk about our minds. Let's talk about our natural reality.


We want to celebrate all of you, from top to bottom, inside out.

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