The Vulva!

We have our very own vulva anatomy designs in our store because it's so important to understand our bodies and after all vulvas are absolutely wonderful!

Here at Va Va Womb we love to celebrate the diversity of vulvas because it's so important that we know how beautiful and NORMAL our vulvas all are.
Also, do make sure you call it a vulva- because this wonderful part of our body is commonly called the vagina which is actually inside.
The vulva includes your labia (majora and minora), urethra, clitoral hood, glans clitoris and your vaginal opening sits inside. 
Have you ever heard of vulva casting!? Because this is probably the best way to celebrate your vulva and see others so definitely check out Viva La Vulva Casting and Lydia Reeves their work and art is incredibly empowering! 

Vulvas come in all different shapes and sizes.
A great way to celebrate vulvas is through art and self exploration! 
Vulva exploration ideas:

  • Get a a mirror to look at your vulva, try and label all the different parts
  • Check out all the vulva positivity pages
  • Explore pleasure with JUST YOUR VULVA! We all grow up thinking pleasure comes from penetrative sex, when actually our vulvas are the most powerful source of pleasure (check our clitoris page to find out why!)
  • Draw your own vulva or different shapes and sizes
  • Get a vulva cast! 
  • Create vulva art! Here's some inspiration below 

One of the most empowering pieces of art we have seen is THIS GREAT WALL OF VULVAS!
Check out The Vulva Gallery for the most diverse page of vulva art!

You can also head to The Happy Vulva Club for plenty of vulva resources!

Vulva health 
So, we've shared a lot about vulva positivity when it comes to how our vulva looks but what about how it feels and the health of our vulvas?
There's a huge range of vulva health conditions that can have life altering impacts on peoples lives due to the shame and stigma surrounding health in the areas commonly known as "Down there!".
Find our more about vulval cancer and symptoms to look out for go here
Have you ever heard of these conditions!?
  • Vulval lichen sclerosus
  • Persistant genital arousal
  • Vulval lichen planus
  • Vulval eczema
  • Vulval lichen simplex
  • Vulval psoriasis
  • Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia
  • Vulval pain syndromes
At Va Va Womb we do not offer medical advice (although it's on the cards!), our aim is to ensure conversations surrounding our health are not stigmatised- by celebrating the conversation surrounding our bodies we can feel empowered to talk more openly about our health; vulvas and vaginas included! We want to ensure you never feel alone and if you're going through something with your vulva- always seek help. Speak to someone, speak to your GP, please don't feel ashamed or embarrassed because vulvas are just as important as getting our boobs, hearts or minds checked! 

What to look out for?

Just as we feel for lumps in our breasts, we should also look and feel for anything that does not feel or look normal on our vulvas. Look for lumps, itches, sores, rashes, discoloration, moles, bumps- you name it. Look and notice your vulva as regularly as you can, the more you get to know your vulva the more you get to know what's your normal. If you see or feel something that doesn't sit right with you and your body, go get it checked out and seek medical help.
REMEMBER- Your vagina is self cleaning so don't use perfumed soaps!
We have shared some real stories from people who have been through different conditions like vulvodynia, pelvic pain, persistent genital arousal and vulval cancers so take a browse through our blogs here. Want to share your vulva story with us? Get in touch!

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