Va Va Womb Whom?

We started as a charity party to raise money for causes we support (Infertilty, gynae cancers & women's health)- the July booked party was cancelled but we are growing into an online community platform to celebrate and raise awareness of people's experiences in turn breaking down stigmas surrounding our bodies- all bodies are good bodies. All people are worthy of love, acceptance and respect. There is no such thing as normal and we need to put a huge middle finger up to this shaming culture. We are all here to break a historic mould of normal.

My womb-less-period-less-ness made me feel just that, less. Less worthy. Less womanly. Less happy. It was after years of shame and secrecy that I stumbled across my worth, started to love myself inside and outside and embrace the experiences that shaped me. I realised that so many human beings are battling against societal norms and trapped behind the four walls of stigma, shame, guilt and pressure.

Va Va Womb was born on the day I started to really see the world that we live in. The lack of acceptance. The pressure to look a certain way. The natural things we go through that are hush hush. Our real life experiences in our minds and bodies that for some reason, are not socially acceptable. But who decides that?

I realised that my own silence was inflicted by this idea of "normal" that I didn't quite fit in. The only normal that was taught to me was that I'm a baby-making-sex-having-bleeding-birthing-mum-to-be- a woman. So where do I fit if I can't (or don't want to) do those things? Where do all these people sit who aren't happy with or can't physically or emotionally comply with this definition they've been born into for their gender? I had, and still do, have so many questions. Even something so natural, like periods, are seen as dirty. If a woman who bleeds, which is what she is "supposed" to do, feels like she can't talk about it- what hope have any of us got in feeling like we can talk.

No one should feel alone or unaccepted. The more we talk, the more we realise that we aren't alone and we are worthy of love. The louder we get, the more strength we have to battle society together and break down stigmatization of reality. Say ta ta, taboos- we're coming through. Va Va Womb is loud, colourful and one big sparkly, funky debunk to small mindedness.

As a starting point to the future of Va Va Womb (when the party was cancelled)- I got to work on understanding the small minded myths of our world- there are too many to list, but you'll get the jist:

"Anything above a size 14 is fat and ugly"

"Don't talk about your blood, periods are disgusting"

"Don't say vagina, call it something less offensive"

"Don't breast feed in public"

"All women can get pregnant and will get pregnant"

"All women want to be mothers one day"

"Don't tell anyone you don't have a womb, they might think your intersex"

"Only women have periods"

"Men have a penis, women have a vagina, that's what defines gender"

"Black women don't feel pain"

"Don't get your body out, that's what clothes are for"

"Don't talk about sex, it's a secret"

"Never tell anyone you masturbate, it's shameful"

"There are only two genders"

"All women have a womb and a vagina"

"Abortions are shameful, feel guilty"

"Infertilty is a women's issue"

"Sex is slutty"

"Infertility is a secret, keep it to yourself, suffer alone"

"Vulva's should look like this- not like that"

"Your vulva is weird"

"If you can't have kids, just adopt, it's the natural balance"

"Vaginal orgasms are the only good orgasms"

"Self-pleasure is dirty"

The list of what we are conditioned to believe is sadly, endless.

Where are we now?

Va Va Womb is a growing team of story tellers and change makers. With the passion built on personal stories, conversations with loved ones, research and myths of norms we got a logo designed and POW- the Va Va Womb stigma fighting Instagram was born and the T-shirt campaign was launched. Wear this T-shirt, LET'S TALK.

We wanted to support the Eve Appeal to begin, as so many women and people who menstruate are too embarrassed to talk about their health to seek help, leaving undiagnosed gynae cancers that people don't even know exist- Vulval, Vaginal, Ovarian, Cervical and Womb. We sold almost 50 T-Shirts and the campaign will be relaunched multiple times for different charities each time. We hope the T-Shirts are a conversation starter if anything. As we grow, our mission grows. We want to raise as much money as we can for various charities through events and our shop- click here to find out more on the charities we support. Some profits will be put towards funding our own future awareness projects.

We are building our social media to be a stigma fighting space telling stories of real experiences, embracing body positivity and bringing awareness to those hush hush subjects that don't get enough room and acceptance within society. We love to use poetry and creative ways to bring awareness - we used a lips poem to embrace vulva diversity, a discharge rhyme to catch people's attention and many more!

From there we joined up with Femigami (Feminist Origami Queen!) to create The Vulva Festival- with poetry workshops and creative outlets to celebrate the conversation surrounding our bodies. We are always on the hunt for speakers and performers for these events- more to come on the Va Va Womb/Femigami collaboration so contact us if you're interested in finding out more!

We have so much to do, and so much passion to give. Welcome to Va Va Womb, you are worthy. You are not alone. You are beautiful. Your story matters.

Keep an eye on our social media, events and watch this space for guest blogs to carry on seeing what we are all about.

Big love,

Ellamae Fullalove

Va Va Womb

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